Why join SUAA?
Joining SUAA is the best way for you to keep up with all the changes being proposed in Springfield -- changes that may seriously affect your pension or benefits. You will recieve periodic updates from SUAA's state office and newsletters from the UIUC chapter which alert you to actions you may need to take or events of special interest to you. Your membership dollars support staff in Springfield who represent your interests as they work with legislators, SURS, and the governor's staff. Members are also eligible to hold office in the local UIUC chapter or at the state level.

Who is eligible to join?
Anyone who is covered by SURS and who either is currently employed by UIUC or is a former employee covered by SURS. Spouses/partners/survivors of eligible employees or retirees are also eligible. And, finally, our membership is also open to any other interested parties.

Why should a current employee join?
Don't wait until you retire to join! It's important to learn as much about your retirement options as you can early in your career -- and to join with other current employees and annuitants to help influence the direction of legislation.

How do I join?
Complete the appropriate form below, print it out, and follow the directions for mailing. You may elect to have SUAA dues deducted from your paycheck or pension check, or you may prefer to mail in a check or money order each year. The cost is $47 for each member or spouse.

Enrollment forms
     Current employees and their spouses or partners
     Former employees, annuitants, and their spouses, partners, or survivors
     Everyone else

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