2018-19 SUAA-UIUC Legislative Principles, Successes, and Fact Sheet

2016-17 SUAA-UIUC Legislative Principles, Goals and Fact Sheet

Please review the following links for information on pension reform:
- Full 35 page Illinois Supreme Court opinion on pension reform: here
- SUAA Mini-briefing covering the history of SUAA’s legal actions and involvement protesting PA98-599, resulting in the Supreme Court Decision announced on May 8, 2015: here
- SUAA Mini-briefing describing recent pension discussions pertinent to Tier II participants: here

2015 SUAA-UIUC Legislative Position Statement and Fact Sheet

2013 SUAA dues increase

2011-2012 SUAA-UIUC Legislative Position Statement

Previous By-Laws
[Replaced May 1, 2011]

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